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Diablo II: My love for you will never die (until I hit lv99 anyway) October 9, 2006

Posted by Lupus in Gaming, Life.

Wow… it’s been a month since I posted. Here. Totally not a month on my other blog either.

Actually, that’s true. I’ve posted on THAT a total of three times since giving up here close to a month ago. That’s 3 times in a month, compared to uh, my supposed schedule of at least 3 times a week. Can’t blame a guy for being busy though can you?

Okay, second lie in less than 70 words. I haven’t particularly been busy with anything, except maybe… oh… important stuff. Like DotA. And D2.


After a night of gaming, the morning sunrays often dance all over my retina. A dance of pain and great suffering.

That’s right, Diablo II. Diablo II: Lord of Destruction to be precise. I’m currently in NM Act 4 with my Werewolf/Grizzly Druid, and I’m loving every second I waste on it. Wasted the entire weekend in fact. Starting from Thursday night till now (which is Monday 3 in the morning… and I should really hit the sack. Who invented sleep anyway?), I’ve been running through endless lands void of anything except monsters, hitting and killing said monsters, and picking up every single piece of item that doesn’t have white as the colour of its name. Apart from Friday night, the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, which I spent at fellowship then a friend’s house.


Conversation is entirely imaginary, but I think something to that effect was said that night. If you were there and happen to read this blog… Can’t a guy have a little artistic license on his own goddamn blog? Huh? HUH???

I would give you a list of my items, but if I run the game now I won’t sleep at all.

And all this is amidst two exceptionally fun assignments, totalling 5,000 words, due in a week and a half. One of them I’m about 60% through, the other I haven’t started. The more important one and difficult one, I might add, worth 70% of one of my courses. I have also failed to go to any lecture since Friday two weeks ago, though I did turn up to compulsory tuts. I also failed to eat lunch in two of the last four days.


There are several terms in there that probably warrant explanation, but to understand it you’ll need to play D2. I would show you one of those pictures they have on cigarette packets and tell you that playing D2 causes you to get those to keep you away from it.

Thank you Diablo II, you ruined my life in 2000, and six years later you once again pick up your Mallet of the Leech*. How can someone not love your wonderful, whacky and out-going personality? You’re the moon in my dark night sky, the fat in my arteries, the cockroach in my dinner…

Oh who am I kidding, I need to uninstall this shit pronto, least I end up dying of malnutrition/Wrath of My Father/bad hygiene/repetitive strain injury, in order of lowest to highest likelihood, or maybe all at once. The world is full of wonderful surprises install for one such as myself.

*for the uninitiated (and I hope for your health you are), a item with the “Leech” suffix gives a life steal effect. Life steal, geddit? It’s stealing my life. It’s supposed to be funny…


Tales of Legendia Review – Part 1: Why the battle system needs to be thrown away and burned in the fires of the deepest circle of HELL August 7, 2006

Posted by Lupus in Gaming.

If you’re wondering what I’ve been doing – and you have – I’ve been two things. 1) I’ve been sick (my throat is killing me) and 2) I’ve been playing Tales of Legendia.


Totally related to anime, Hung, it’s totally related to anime