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Top Ten Most Memorable Anime Moments July 11, 2006

Posted by Lupus in Anime, Features.

WARNING: This article contains foul language. If you’re under 12 and/or a sissy, parental guidance is adviced.

Every once in a while, when watching a TV show, a little something shows up, and that little something leaves you breathless. It might be a moment of great revelation; it could just be someone kicking ass and taking names; or it could just as easily be something you’ve expected all along, but when it finally happens it still leaves you gasping for air. It could make you laugh until it hurts, it could make you cheer out so loud that your neighbour starts complaining, or it could leave you in tears. Just as it could be something that changes the entire anime, it could just as easily be something that is utterly inconsequential. Whatever it might be, whatever your response, such a moment of greatness leaves a footprint in your mind, and it makes you wonder how stale life would be without them.



Anime Feature: Honey and Clover July 3, 2006

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Honey and Clover is, without a doubt, a modern classic in anime and manga. I’ve seen nothing but praise for this great series, and both the anime and manga are in my top 5 all time personal favourites. I like the manga so much, I read the thing through no less than 20 times within the first week of buying it. So yes, that means I’m extremely biased towards this series and you’ll read nothing but praise in the following 1000 words.


The Super Saiyan Syndrome May 15, 2006

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Dragonball and its sequels* are some of the most popular and well known anime shows in the world. It was phenomenal when originally released in Japan, took Asia by storm when translated, and even in America it was received with great enthusiasm (amongst those who watch anime/cartoons anyway). I have a 24 year old American friend who still regularly wears a Dragonball Z t-shirt, and that is surely a testament to its popularity.

It obviously had its flaws, such as the ridiciulously long “let’s-stare-at-each-other” time, its action consisting mostly of (awesome) flickering vertical black lines, and it invented what I call the “Super Saiyan Syndrome” (The Syndrome).

The Syndrome refers to when a character suddenly gains incredible power in order to defeat an enemy that he could not possibly have defeated previously. Sometimes he has to work for it, sometimes he doesn’t. Usually it seems to be triggered by anger or, as seems to be the only moral lesson to be found in shounen shows, “in order to protect the ones who are important to me”. However they get it, it always involve a physical transformation and a ridiculous increase in power. There are usually a number of levels.

Now let us examine some culprits.

Is there anything cooler than ninjas? Ninjas that transform, obviously. Naruto, Sasuke and Gaara all transform at some point in the story. Naruto gets his kyuubi power, Sasuke gets Orochimaru’s seal, and Gaara turns into that sand monster thing. Naruto in the newest Naruto manga chapters demonstrates most ably the Syndrome – hell he even did a spirit bomb.
Super Saiyan reference? Nah, no way

We started with Ichigo getting Shinigami powers, with a Zanpaktou. That’s cool, we all love normal people turned heroes. Then he learnt the inital release, then power-uped by “fighting along-side Zangetsu”, then Ban-kai, and now Vaizard powers. He has to work for all the them, true, but no one would notice if you replace the names with Super Shinigami, Super Shinigami 2, Super Shinigami 3 and Super Shinigami 4 respectively. [sarcasm]Kubo Tite gets props for a transforming sword instead of a transforming person.[/sarcasm]

Yu Yu Hakusho
Pretty much everyone except Kuwabara transforms. Hiei’s eye(s), Kurama’s demon fox form, Yusuke’s demon form, Genkai’s (HAWT) young form, Toguro with his vents… the list goes on. Togashi has since cured the Syndrome and Hunter X Hunter is better for it.

Tenjo Tenge
Souchiro’s black hair incarnation is definitely Super Saiyan, and so is Aya when she activates her eyes. If you still need convincing, find volume 9 of the manga and read the first chapter. Souchiro is definitely Super Saiyan.

Can’t find that picture I was referring to… but with girls like this, who cares?

The Super Saiyans are great because they are easy to write, allows the underdog to win, and are incredibly exciting. I still remember how exciting it was to see Gohan beat the crap out of Cell when he went into Super Saiyan 2. But really, after all these years, you’d think mangakas would’ve invented other methods of making fights exciting? Or is it a “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” kind of thing?

*Except the bastardisation that is GT. I could feel my childhood dying when I watched that.