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About Lupus, the Writer/Procrastinator

There really isn’t much to say about myself.

Born in Hong Kong one score years ago, I grew up watching anime in Cantonese dub on TV everyday. I watched such classics as Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon and Yu Yu Hakusho, as well as less well known titles including Moomin and Cyber Formula One. More importantly though, I read manga – tons and tons of it. Doraemon, Dragon Ball, Captain Tsubasa – I read everything that I could put my grubby little hands on, but that was precious little. But it was the good old days when I could just switch on the TV and enjoy anime.

Then I moved to Australia, and for years I watched no anime and read no manga, because the first was simply non-existant and the second was too expensive for a primary school/junior high kid to afford. Then came Evangelion on SBS in Year 9, my first contact with anime in 5 years, and my mind was blown. I didn’t understand the crazy psychological piss, but I did enjoy the giant-mecha fights and the harem (Gendou ftw). It started a storm amongst my friends – for as long as it aired, it was the only thing that was talked about; our conversations mostly consisted of “Sif, Asuka is totally hotter! You Asians and your fetish for disabled, mentally retarded girls” from our paler, crazy-bitch-loving friends and retorts of “Asuka is a bitch” from the mostly Asian, Rei fetishists camp. Yes, intelligent discussions of the highest caliber. Then for years anime faded from my mind, though I could start affording small amount of manga and the discovery of manga rental shops increased my manga consumption by magnitudes.

Then came university, and the blessed P2P filesharing network. First WinMX and then DC revealed to me the world of digital media distribution, and I discovered Bittorrent and mIRC for more copyrights infriging fun. My life had never been the same since.

About Everything and Nothing, the Blog

This blog was launched on the 7th of May 2006, in the hope of alleviating some of my boredom, and taking my mind off the stress of university assignments and exams. In short, I wanted to procrastinate, and I thought it would be fun to write random stuff online.

A few months before I had the idea of writing a blog, I came across BlogSuki, a very well presented, although not very well managed anime blog aggregator. Through BS I discovered the world of anime blogging, and I thought “Hey, I watch anime! I could write about this shit as well!” There was also an element of “Some of these people can’t write for shit. Even I can do better.”

So I registered a blog on WordPress. The only problem left was that I don’t really watch that much anime, and because I lived in Australia, manga is ridiculously expensive and released very slowly. As such I had to give myself an excuse to write about other stuff when I don’t have any manga/anime related topics to write about. I also wanted to give myself an excuse to take long periods away from the blog when I simply don’t feel like writing, so I called it “Everything and Nothing”, meaning that I would write about everything and sometimes nothing at all.

If you wish to contact me, you can do so through e-mail (lupussol [at] gmail [dot] com). If, for reasons including insanity and intestinal distress, you wish to talk to me in real time, you can try Live Messenger (khclupu [at] hotmail [dot] com), or hop on the AnimeNano IRC Channel (#animenano@irc.rizon.net). I don’t garuntee I won’t block you from MSN, and I’m only on IRC during holidays, but at all other times you can reach me through my e-mail.

Spam of any variety is not appreciated. My penis is large enough already. And so are my boobs. Nor do I need viagra, my hands don’t get pleasure from any extended performance.