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I just don’t want a month to go by without a post November 19, 2006

Posted by Lupus in Life.

I don’t really have anything to say… my life is so dull, I wouldn’t be able to cut warm butter with it.

Having said that, I finished exams some time ago and have been enjoying (somewhat) my summer holiday. I have to find a job and do a bunch of other things, but I really just feel like lounging around all day reading books or playing games. Is that good or bad? My complete and utter lack of motivation has brought my life to a grinding halt no less than once… what’s the secret to motivating yourself?

I guess the first thing that I have to deal with is my apathy. To be honest, the longest I’ve cared or felt passionate about anything (thing, not people) is probably 2 months. That’s pathetic. I couldn’t even keep this blog up, whether in its previous anime incarnation or as it is now.

I’m sure my meaningless and pesimisstic meandering is boring you, so I’ll stop here. At least I’ve fulfilled my quota for the month of November.



1. Arthur Scott - November 20, 2006

lol. man, u really had to use up your quota that way.

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