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7 Reasons Why the 21st Century is Making You Miserable August 15, 2006

Posted by Lupus in Off-Topic.

Interesting article I came across today. It has absolutely nothing to do with anime, but hey, this site is called “Everything and Nothing” right? And for everyone who uses the internet, especially anyone who spends a lot of time on the net instand messaging, this article is really worth a read. There are also really cute illustrations, if that’s any incentive.

7 Reasons Why the 21st Century is Making You Miserable from Pointless Waste of Time.

The first two about annoyance are kind of “Meh”, but then the article goes on to talk about the new methods of communication that are unique to the 21st century, and I agree with all the things that are said. Face-to-face communication is irreplacable. No matter how well you think you know someone, no matter how well you think you understand them over the internet, it is impossible to fully comprehend what is being said, because important things like body language and tone are missing. When you’re reading something on IRC, Live Messenger or AIM, the tone of voice you’re hearing in your head is most likely not the tone of voice that the person talking intends.

The next point on the media is also kind of “Meh”, but the last point about the actual interaction with real life friends also really hits home, especially in a society where popular culture celebrates selfishness in the guise of “individual freedom”.

Two quotes summarise the main points very well, if you don’t feel like reading the entire article.

On text communication and criticism

With text, you can respond when you feel like it. You can measure your words. You can pick and choose which questions to answer. The person on the other end can’t see your face, can’t see you get nervous, can’t detect when you’re lying. You have almost total control and as a result that other person never sees past your armor, never sees you at your worst, never knows the embarrassing little things about yourself that you can’t control. The unspoken but shared quirks and humiliations and vulnerabilities that real friendships are built on.

On physical interaction

It ain’t rocket science; you are a social animal and thus you are born with little happiness hormones that are released into your bloodstream when you see someone else benefitting from your actions. You can line up for yourself a spread of your favorite liquor, your favorite video game, your favorite movie and your favorite sex act, and the sum total of them won’t give you the same kind of lasting happiness you’d get from helping the cranky old lady down the street drag her garbage to the curb.

I’m working on some articles that are actually related to anime and manga, including the Bleach 238 review. I’m also going to start reviewing a larger range of manga, and maybe even write summaries – summaries, not putting entire chapters into words. Unfortunately I won’t be able to update regularly unless I’m on holiday, but that’s not too far away. Look forward to a return to the regular scheduled programming soon!



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