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Bleach Chapter 236 – “The Sun Already Gone Down” July 23, 2006

Posted by Lupus in Manga, Review.

Shinji to the rescue!


A shame that he shares the same name with NGE’s protagonist (not written the same though), but he sure is not a pussy like that one. Wasn’t surprising at all that he came to save the day, but I was suprised that he could use “Hollow Flash”. It seems they share more in common with Hollows than just the mask. Kubo has really skimped on the Vaizard details, especially how Shinji knows a lot about Ichigo. Most likely it’s because of Urahara, but Kubo always surprises me.

From Grimmjaw’s reaction, even if Aizen knows of the Vaizards’ existence, he hasn’t told the Espada about them. I should probably have noticed this earlier, when Grimmjaw first failed to recognise Ichigo’s mask. Don’t know why I didn’t. Why doesn’t Aizen tell his Arankaru about the Vaizard? Is there something that he’s hiding? I also think it’s weird that Grimmjaw didn’t try to release until now… why didn’t he try to release when Ichigo was beating on him earlier? Maybe it takes too long for them to release, and he simply didn’t have time within that short 11 seconds. Whatever the reason might be, Kubo once again interrupts at the most important time. I hate how they do this over and over again in Shounen titles – always interrupt something interesting at the last minute, seemingly just to drag the series on. I need to know how strong Grimmjaw, Urahara and Shinji are! It’s interesting to note that we’ve seen none of the Vaizard release their Zanpaktou… Shinji and his friends have only ever relied on the mask. There’s probably a story behind this too.


Ulqiorra is so imba

Things get interrupted on the other front as well, and all the Arankarus say “The mission is over.” It seems that the attack on the land of the living is just a diversion so that Ulqiorra can kidnap Orihime. What does Ulqiorra mean when he says “It’s over, there’s nothing more you can do. We have already obtained the sun”? I assume he’s referring to Orihime, but how can she alone make such a huge difference that there is nothing left to do for the good people? It probably has to do with her ability to “reject” damage, but I don’t have a clue how.

Looks like the current fighting arc is over, and we’re left with more questions than ever before. What exactly are the nature of the Vaizard? What does Aizen want with Orihime? What is this ‘sun’ that Ulqiorra speak of? Did Orihime give in (probably yes, since Ulqiorra didn’t decide to kill Ichigo and co.)? Will Urahara ever get to fight somebody? No answers to any of these anytime soon, unless Kubo decides to elaborate on the Vaizard next. Hopefully we’ll have some questions answered while we watch Ichigo grind for that level 60 in the next few chapters.



1. itt - July 22, 2007

my brother thinks ichigo is on the tv show series naruto and im trying to tell him hes not anyone care to help me?

2. Judge-G - September 11, 2007

i dont know if ichigo is in naruto but naruto is in bleach lmao hes one of Karin’s soccer buddies(J) (did you mean in japanese or english?)

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