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Manga Review: Ichigo Mashimaro made me a lolicon July 13, 2006

Posted by Lupus in Manga, Review.

Ichigo Mashimaro is just too

more loliyuri rape

It is my dream to grow up to be like Nobue, to have my own harem of loliyuris.

It’s not just the character design, though that’s a big part. Even the things they do are so

loliyuri rape

Ana-chan is making a move on Matsuri-chan… MOAR LOLIYURI RAPE PLZ

It’s just


Mi-chan can fly on my plane anytime

which loli would you like today?

Four lolis to go, please

go go go

Twice the loli goodness.


Hey little girls, if you follow mister home I’ll give you some lolipops!

Where was I again? Oh yes… The cuteness in this cute manga is cute-tonified by both its cute exterior and cute interior. The cute magnitude of this cute is cute-tastastically cute. It is not possible to compare this cute to any other cute because CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE.


Loliyuri rape flute



1. Os - July 13, 2006

You may… have a point, there.

2. Leviathean - July 13, 2006

SO cute. It’s so cute I’m gonna die!

3. Anga - July 13, 2006

I’m not sure if I just refuse to believe that I’m lolicon, but… really. Anime version wasn’t so lolified than manga and while I fully enjoyed IchiMashi anime I read less than 10 pages manga before giving up, it gave too perverted feeling.

4. Crayotic Rockwell - July 13, 2006

funnily enough, tokyopop’s website lists it under “comedy” and “romance.” So I guess this is a heart wrenching tale of Nobue and her dreams of taking baths with Ana and Matsuri.

Hmm, now I just have to search some threads to see what edits/bad translations have been done if any.

5. tj han - July 13, 2006

Same here. I did not know of the existence of lolicon until I read this book/anime.

It’s my all time favourite slice of life series. They are suuper cute and I even went to buy a 12 pack of Nobue’s favourite ciggies, Mild Seven. My wallet has the badges of all five girls and I have almost every figurine of them. WHEEEEE

6. Hazel - July 13, 2006

I’d been wondering what the ichigo mashimaro manga looked like, the only online preview I found was in german! @_@ kawaiiiiii, thanks!

7. Lupus - July 16, 2006

Anga: don’t fight it, come to the dark side!

Crayotic: Romance? Haha. There’s as much romance in IchiMashi as there are porn in Akazukin. If you want scanlations, always hit up http://www.gotlurk.net first, and its accompanying IRC channel. They have almost everything.

TJ: Yeah, it is way too cute to resist. My favourite slice of life will have to be Honey & Clover though. Even though it isn’t as cute, I prefer its more serious ton.

Hazel: If you want scanlations, always hit up http://www.gotlurk.net first, and its accompanying IRC channel. They have almost everything.

8. Bpop - July 17, 2006

Life is somewhat ironic. I was reading the Previews Calatog from the month Tokyopop announced Ichigo Mashiamro and there said something like “Buy this great comig to age slice of life Shoujo” ¿Coming to age? Maybe ¿Slice of life? Definitely ¿Shoujo? WTF

It’s published in Dengeki Daioh for godsake.

(I know why Tokyopop says this is a shoujo, but it’s damn funny.)

9. lolikitsune - July 21, 2006

>>Loliyuri rape flute

You killed it. I bet you killed Kenny while you were at it, too, you heartless bastard.

That’s a recorder, and most certainly not a loliyuri rape flute.

10. Lupus - July 21, 2006

Lolikit: Close enough, right? I realised it was a recorder when I was replying to some of the earlier comments, but it was too late to change it by then.

I was too blinded by the brilliance of Ana to see anything else.

11. xxxlived45 - October 30, 2006

Ricko Ti i just have to say eeewwwwwwwwwwwww

12. ~ichigo-metaphetamine - November 3, 2006

hmmmmm were can i download this king of manga pls help me

13. Roos - December 2, 2006

ichigo mashimaro is so cute !

i like ana coppola !

She’s so sweet

14. hiabane13 - September 16, 2007

Romance? theres one fairy tale in the whole of 4 of the mangas which was a pretty funny telling of the story thx to miu of course.

Oh and whoever the op is, I think you made yourself into a lolicon, Ichimashi is a slice of life, with the quintessential cute added. but you went into the dark side.

15. Akari - June 4, 2008

…The cuteness reminds me of Lucky Star. =3
Anyone know where I can read this online? [so I can read it while i’m on the move ~itouch/laptop~don’t really want to dl manga scans on computer…>.>] ~also considering my computer doesn’t have that much room…~

16. Anonymous - September 7, 2008

@haibane13 (nice name)

“Ichimashi is a slice of life, with the quintessential cute added. but you went into the dark side.”

you aint the only one, my friend.I dare anyone to read that manga and not come out a lolicon.

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