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First Impression: Welcome to the NHK! July 13, 2006

Posted by Lupus in Anime, First Impressions.

I read the early parts of the manga a long time ago, so I don’t really remember NHK very well. However, I did remember that it was funny, even if the more recent chapters make me want to kill instead of laugh.

Anime Welcome to the NHK is depressing, right from the start.

Maybe not right from the start, because the OP is a happy song that reminds me of Katamari music, and the accompanying animation doesn’t do too much to dispel the atmosphere the music creates. But it’s not completely sunshine and lollipop, because there are glimpses of the real NHK in part of the animation.

This episode feels completely different from the manga. The manga starts with comedy to draw you in, slowly but surely switching over to the real issues the mangaka wants to explore. Right from the start the anime shows us a Satou that is utterly messed up. There is little comedy – the only times my mouth twitched was when the puddings came out.

The atmosphere is generated almost entirely through audio. Both the choice of BGM and Satou’s VA paints a picture of depression far more vividly than the bleak and often dull colour found in Satou’s room and his imagination. The bright and clean colours of the outside world contrasts strongly against Satou’s depressing room and mind. Satou’s walk through the bright and clean world to find employment was accompanied by light and uplifting music, but as soon as he sees Misaki the music trails off with his hopes of recovery.

I didn’t enjoy this episode. Satou’s pathetic attempts at excusing his behaviour, his pretence at strength, the state of his room that reflects the state of his mind… in fact, everything about Satou left me feeling empty inside. Seeing what Gonzo has done with this first episode, and knowing what will follow in terms of plot and character progression, I don’t feel like I can take many more episodes.

Even though I didn’t enjoy it, I still think this will be a good anime. It just isn’t my cup of tea. I selfishly hope that the anime will turn out like the ED, starting serious and degenerating into a comedic farce. That would make the anime worse, but I would probably enjoy it more than if it follows this first episode.



1. Crayotic Rockwell - July 13, 2006

I liked it, but I do have similar issues making me wonder how bearable this show will be if it’s all “serious” for it’s entire run

2. animeotaku - July 13, 2006

I think … that we share the same opinions, more or less.

~pururin puru pururin~

3. Lupus - July 13, 2006

Glad to see I’m not the only one.

4. luhachi - July 15, 2006

I liked it. Very educational too x). Kinda disappointed that episode 2 aint out yet. I reackon there’s alot of people like that around, or who have been like that, even if it wasn’t to that extreme.

5. seroka sensato - July 18, 2006

the inacceptance to the dull, and “empty” feeling, of Satou is exactly how such individuals is beint outsted by the society in their mind.

they r shedding light to the upright and cherished, and those if they care about such individuals

6. seroka sensato - July 18, 2006

episode 1:

such drama is rarly praised and to be proud of…
hence, it’s only neutral that it’s not as enjoyable

this almost resembles densha otaku
man vs society
society oughst such man upright, no one feels sorry for him

there’s a good side to this

Misaki is a rare find in reality

7. Lupus - July 23, 2006

My oh my. I love how everyone are taken in by Misaki’s “goodness”. If you’ve read the manga, you’ll know that all is not what it seems.

8. Vash - August 4, 2006

can someone let me know what the title of the puru purin song in epidsode 1 was, i found it very funny!!!

9. arthurius - November 15, 2006

“Never judge an anime by its first episode.” Sure, I agree that the first episode is boring. But as you watch the anime more and more, you may understand why gonzo picked this anime up. The show tells us something more valuable than entertaining ourselves. And as an anime collector, this is one of the best I’ve watched so far.

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