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The End of Suzumiya Haruhi’s Melancholy July 5, 2006

Posted by Lupus in Anime, Ramblings.

Tsuruya is so awesome, despite never doing much at all. Nyorero~n

Finally, the controversial series comes to a close with Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu VI, which is chronologically the 6th episode, but wraps the series up nicely with a conventional climax. The series overall left me with a good feeling – it was funny, well produced, well directed, and all round good fun.

First, props to Nagaru Tanigawa for the excellent original material, KyoAni for the excellent direction and production, and Noizi Itoh for the excellent character design. Even though I haven’t read the original novels, I plan to as soon as I can find them in a book store. The setting made for some very imaginative and fun stories, combining slice-of-life with the supernatural, yet never losing sight of the characters. The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi isn’t a story about aliens, time travellers, espers or even a girl who can remake the world at will, but it is a story of a normal boy and a normal girl, and how they help each other become more mature. Everything else is incidental, but it sure as hell makes the show more fun than traditional young boy grows up stories.

KyoAni’s animation can hardly be faulted. From beginning to end, the animation and drawing quality were consistently high. Even though some episodes took some very obvious animation shortcuts (5, 9 and 14 comes to mind), others made up for it with some great animation. There is also none of that horrid character deformation found in so many other series.

I think few people would disagree that Kyon is a great character. His witticisms carried most of the show, especially through those episodes where nothing much really happens. For me, though, Haruhi is a far more interesting character. I like her complexity: despite her almost overwhelming confidence, she is secretly insecure about herself; both her seeming indifference towards the people around her and the costume raping of Mikuru are direct results of her desire to live a more interesting life. Admittedly she’s got the wrong ideas on how to achieve that, but I seem to have a fetish for really eccentric characters. Episode 12 is a great episode not because of the great animation, but because we see a side of Haruhi that makes her human, as opposed to the crazy-costume-rapist we’ve been shown previously. The great animation for the concert is just icing on the cake.

Even though SHNY was a little bit weak in the middle, I really enjoyed it. My initial scepticism was washed away when the show finally started in earnest around episode 10. I still cannot agree with those people who throw the word Haruhiigasm around, much less call Haruhi a god, but Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu is definitely something you wouldn’t want to miss.



1. helspectre - July 8, 2006

“I think few people would disagree that Kyon is a great character. His witticisms carried most of the show, especially through those episodes where nothing much really happens.”

personally I thought it was Kyon’s narration that made haruhi stand out ( the show). Basically we see everything from his perspective, which is skewed, but sarcastic…. he doesn’t seem to notice that the world is actually revolving around him, and much less haruhi. Its a bystander effect.

2. Elimoo(; - April 1, 2010

Oh i just found out something..
If yo see this last part(season 1) and the you see the last part of the last episode od the season 2.. It all makes sense..

First season end its about well the kiss.. etcetc and in the end Kyon saids something about telling Haruhi about time travellers etcetc..
Second Season end its about Kyon telling Haruhi about Time travelers etcetc.. And how Haruhi gets angry about it..

So then i guess.. Haruhi and Kyon on the end of the first season are about to have a date..
And in the end of the second season they are in the date.. And thats how Suzumiya Haruhi Ends…

Hope my ideas are clear(;

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