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Bleach Chapter 233 – “El Violader” July 2, 2006

Posted by Lupus in Manga, Review.

*These entries are based on JoJo’s Chinese scanlation of Bleach. M7’s scanlations sometimes feel a bit dodgy, so even though they’re released equally fast, I’ll rely on the Chinese scanlations.


It’s out in English, so go and download the damn thing yourself.

My thoughts
Ichigo, as expected, gets owned after losing his mask. Three pages of what is something that we already know from what happened last chapter, and absolutely no new developement on this front. Surprising? This is a Shounen Jump title after all, so why should it be? So, we’ll all wait patiently for next week’s release to see 3 more pages of bullshit that will tell us nothing more. Rejoice all ye masses, for Bleach is here and tis moving slowly as ever.

Lupii (I’ll use the official names, regardless of how silly some of them sounds) takes on the other 3 shinigami all by him/herself, and takes them out quite easily. Really, why are the Shinigami so weak? What happened to stuff like the captains knocking aside Chad’s attacks with one bare hand? Right now all we ever see are the shinigami taking a beating and not being able to do anything about it. Chapter after chapter we watch them get pummeled on, with nary a chance to flex their muscle. If they are really that weak, how much difference will the shinigami presence make when Aizen launchs his final attack? Would it even make a lick of a difference, if a single Espada can so easily kill 2 shinigami who have Ban kai and two who are at least vice-captain level?

So, so pathetically weak. But I’ll forgive you because of cleavage.

Ulqiorra’s presence in Soul Society is quite disturbing. It seems that the Arankaru can go wherever whenever they want. Even disregarding what is going to happen to Orihime, the ramafications of such an appearance could spell doom for the remaining shinigamis, and the other residents of Soul Society.

Let’s hope we can see Urahara get serious next chapter. The new Arankaru seems pretty insane, and I do love me some insane characters!



1. aaaa - November 1, 2007

uh… do you see lupii hold a captain in his arms?? i mean i see matsumoto (vice) baldy (3rd seat-although has bankai) and arusegawa (5th seat- although stronger) but.. anyway.. did they hav limiters off?? did they use bankai? no .. urahara beat lupii without bankai.. what u think happens if urahara uses bankai.. 5-10 times the strenght didnt they say.. well lupii replaced grimmjow as #6 for a while.. so i think urahara issn’t at all weak and he’s captain class…
but even between captains there is a distance… look at byakuya who lost to ichigo in beginning series.. well if ichigo has his mask on… hed tear him up so… theres different levels amonst captains 2…

ne way.. i wanna see grimjows shikai now.. haha becuz he almost exposed it..:D

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