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Bleach Chapter 236 – “The Sun Already Gone Down” July 23, 2006

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Shinji to the rescue!




The rest of the season July 22, 2006

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Quick, one paragraph reviews of the rest of the first episodes I’ve seen this season.

Coyote Ragtime Show
Pure, distilled action anime awesomeness. Cheesy yes, crappy no. Twelve robot gothic sisters with WoMD? Check. Strong, independant woman with giant mamaries? Check. Mysterious protagonist with cool sidekicks? Check. Girl with really, really annoying voice? Check. All the ingredients for a great season of fun and blowing shit up is there, how can this fail?

Zero no Tsukaima
I see a lot of people calling this Shakugan no Tsukaima or Zero no Shana. Regardless of how good Shana was, there is no reason to let the fact that the same voice actors are taking the lead together again cloud over this anime’s own brilliance (must admit I got strong Shana vibes when Louise said “Urusai!” though). This isn’t going to be a Suzumiya Haruhi, let alone a NGE, but as long as you watch it for its cheesy merits, you’ll enjoy it for what it is – a well produced, shallow, but ultimately enjoyable romantic comedy.

Muteki Kanban Musume
Made me laugh. Hard. So hard that I thought my spleen would come out. I love the OP – don’t bash this OP! It’s brilliant! I really don’t know why I love this so much, I mean, it’s bad. But in a good way. It’s bad but it’s good. Or maybe it’s so bad that it’s good. I don’t know, you know what I mean. This is a dark horse that might even win the best show of the season.

I was tricked. This is just bad. I can’t even put my finger on why it’s so bad – the overly dramatic performance? The inane characters? The ridiculous setting? Whatever, dropped.

Honey and Clover II
I don’t like the new character designs; I prefer the first season’s which were more authentic to the manga. The substance is still there though, and that is what makes Honey and Clover so outstanding. They could replace the characters with Sesame Street puppets for all I care, I would still watch it. As long as Big Bird gets to play Hanamoto-sensei.

Updates will be slowing down July 17, 2006

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Long story short, it seems that my university’s network doesn’t like WordPress, and if I want to make posts I have to bring my laptop to uni, which is a hassle. So, there won’t be many new posts in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully I can find a way around it so I can post more frequently, and hopefully I can at least do 1 post a week.

In other news, I was chosen as one of the 15 in JP Meyer’s anime bloggers review, along side household names like JP himself, Hung and TJ Han. I felt my e-pen0r growing two extra sizes immediately. Whoever asked JP to write that article, mucho thankso to you!

The Importance of the First Episode July 17, 2006

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The other day, while i was hanging out in the AnimeNano IRC channel (#animenano@irc.rizon.net), I was told that I wasn’t worthy of watching anime. A harsh thing, to say that someone isn’t worthy of enjoying a particular form of entertainment. What did I do to earn this ire? I stopped watching Zegapain after two (2) episodes.


Kaminagi is cute, I’ll give you that much


Bleach Chapter 235 – “The Frozen Clutch” July 16, 2006

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*These entries are based on JoJo’s Chinese scanlation of Bleach. M7’s scanlations sometimes feel a bit dodgy, so even though they’re released equally fast, I’ll rely on the Chinese scanlations.


You should know the drill. If you don’t go read my older Bleach entries.

My Thoughts
As expected, Urahara didn’t die. But even if he was the captain of the 12th, and founder of the research facility in Soul Society, his analysis seems ridiculous. Still, I like how he manages to be funny and light-hearted even if he’s standing in front of an Arankaru Espada.

What else is there to say about this chapter? Rukia’s appearance is expected, and so is the fact that she wouldn’t be able to stand up to Grimmjaw, even if she caught him by surprise. Afterall, she isn’t captain level, and she doesn’t have Ban Kai. Even Ichigo bearly managed to stand up to Grimmjaw in his Ban Kai.

I really don’t know what else to say for this chapter, so I’m going to be lazy and conclude it here. Hopefully there’s more to talk about next chapter.

Manga Review: Ichigo Mashimaro made me a lolicon July 13, 2006

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Ichigo Mashimaro is just too

more loliyuri rape

It is my dream to grow up to be like Nobue, to have my own harem of loliyuris.


First Impression: Welcome to the NHK! July 13, 2006

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I read the early parts of the manga a long time ago, so I don’t really remember NHK very well. However, I did remember that it was funny, even if the more recent chapters make me want to kill instead of laugh.

Anime Welcome to the NHK is depressing, right from the start.


Top Ten Most Memorable Anime Moments July 11, 2006

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WARNING: This article contains foul language. If you’re under 12 and/or a sissy, parental guidance is adviced.

Every once in a while, when watching a TV show, a little something shows up, and that little something leaves you breathless. It might be a moment of great revelation; it could just be someone kicking ass and taking names; or it could just as easily be something you’ve expected all along, but when it finally happens it still leaves you gasping for air. It could make you laugh until it hurts, it could make you cheer out so loud that your neighbour starts complaining, or it could leave you in tears. Just as it could be something that changes the entire anime, it could just as easily be something that is utterly inconsequential. Whatever it might be, whatever your response, such a moment of greatness leaves a footprint in your mind, and it makes you wonder how stale life would be without them.


Hi to Animenano! (and 3,000 hits) July 9, 2006

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Yay, finally got myself listed on AnimeNano. I could probably have listed myself earlier, but I wanted to see how well I can do without using an aggregator. 3,000 hits in just over 2 months! Not bad, I reckon.

Anyway, it’s good to be on Ano. Mina-san, yoroshiku! ^_^

Bleach Chapter 234 – “Not Negotiation” July 8, 2006

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*These entries are based on JoJo’s Chinese scanlation of Bleach. M7’s scanlations sometimes feel a bit dodgy, so even though they’re released equally fast, I’ll rely on the Chinese scanlations.


This is just here so that people who search for “Bleach Summary” would hit my site.

Not much this chapter, Ulqiorra killing people with a flick of his finger is pretty cool. It seems those gates that the Arankaru use also doubles as TVs, which Ulqi uses to threaten Orihime. I’m interested in seeing how Orihime would react to this situation. If Ulqi simply tried to take her, there is no way she would back down – that’s just how she is. But she folds easily when other people’s safety is involved, so how would she react to Ulqi’s threats? Also, Ulqi shows her Ichigo, Toushiro and Matsumoto – the ones that she would care about the most, since she doesn’t really know Madarame and the other guy. How do the Arankaru know to show these three? Spy? Or just convinience for Kubo?

I really like Ulqiorra’s lines: “The only thing you hold in your hands, is the rope to the guillotines hanging over your friends. Understand this, woman, this is not negotiaiton. It’s an order.”


Urahara fell pretty easily, but I didn’t see any blood, so I wonder if he really lost that easily. It would be extremely disappointing if he didn’t do anything and just lost like that. How long have we waited for some Urahara action? The new “Hollow Bomb” (literal translation) attack seems like a cheap crop-out.

I think it’s silly how Lupii never noticed that four of his tentacles got frozen. I thought the Arakaru releases are an extension of their bodies? Toushiro’s final attack is pretty cool, drawing all the water particle out of the air to form giant pillars of ice to crush his enemy. Lupii is Espada no. 6… so not including Aizen, Tousen and Ichimaru, he’s the sixth strongest member in the Arankaru camp. Would he die so easily? I understand that Toushiro’s attack is something like the Solarbeam (lol pokemon reference lol), so it should be strong, but I sometimes find it hard to scale the comparative strengths of Bleach characters.

The petals for Toushiro’s Ban Kai seems to have disappear; does that mean he has perfected it?

Lately there’s been too much “ROOFLES I’M NOT DEAD – REVERSAL ONE HIT K.O. LOL OWNED!” going on in Bleach.