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First Impression: TO LOVE Ru – Yabuki Kentaro’s new(ish) serialisation June 26, 2006

Posted by Lupus in First Impression, Manga.

Haruna-chan is so cute. Mikuru? Stuff her, Haruna-chan is MY idol.

Firstly, TO LOVE Ru, the new serialisation by Black Cat author Yabuki Kentaro, is NOT penned by Yabuki-sensei. Rather, the story is written by a fella who goes by the name of Hasemi Saki. Those who were disappointed by Black Cat's less than stella story and characterisation can rest assured – TO LOVE Ru definitely benefits from its author.

The story is basic, and very, VERY cliched. An alien comes to earth and decides, all by herself, to marry our hero. This alien's name is Lala and she is the princess of planet Deviluke, whose king rules much of the known universe. She comes to earth by teleporting out of her spaceship, right into the bathtub of Yuuki Rito, our unfortunate hero (by which I of course mean the luckiest-s.o.b. in the world). I say unfortunate because he already has a girl he likes (the second girl in the above image, Haruna-chan) and because of a startling revelation in chapter 6, which I won't spoil for you here. Since Lala is literally the heir to the entire universe, many suitors want her hand, and one by one they come to Earth to see this person who has so bewitched the princess.

Yabuki's drawing skills have not deteriorated after the manga that made him famous (as opposed to someone who drew the story of a feudal Japanese swordsman), and the girls in TO LOVE Ru are as alluring as the ones in Black Cat. More so, in fact, since this is a VERY fanservicy manga. Just in the first chapter alone, we see Lala naked and Haruna-chan in a swimsuit. Lala gets naked again in the second chapter, and Haruna-chan shows up a few times in her underwear. Chapter 7 takes it a step further and borders on hentai – I love Yabuki's girls so I'm not complaining one single bit, but it was a little surprising since there was absolutely no fanservice in Black Cat.

The story so far is, as I said, cliched and not that interesting, but it's pretty funny. Lala's guard-captain Zastin, who looks a lot like Creed, turns out to be nothing like Creed. Lala also has a number of inventions, and they too bring some humour into the story. Rito's expressions when he gets into trouble because of Lala is great, and did I mention Zastin? Zastin x dog = win.

Although it's still pretty early in its run, I already think TO LOVE Ru will become far superior to Black Cat or Yamato Gensouki, Yabuki Kentaro's previous works. It's easy to see the influence of a new writer as the jokes are actually funny this time around. If you like Yabuki's art, and you like a little bit of light humour, TO LOVE Ru is highly recommended. If on top of that you like fanservice, there is simply no reason why you shouldn't read TO LOVE Ru.

Scanlated by KEFI.



1. drmchsr0 - June 29, 2006


2. Lupus - June 29, 2006

If I start seeing Zastin x dog doujins I’ll make sure to drop you a line.

3. piyuupiyuu - December 13, 2006

uwah! KEFI stopped scanlating at chapter 27…do you still read the series? as of now it’s reached 31 i think. if you still do please tell me where you get your To-LOVE-ru scanlations! I’m totally addicted! =p

4. Lupus - December 13, 2006

Piyu: Kefi hasn’t stopped translating the series. As far as I know, they’re just not scanlating it very fast.

5. ZXRN - June 4, 2008

Yabuki-san broke his promise…he said in the last chapter of Black Cat he’ll still draw Eve,Train and Sven in his other works..but i couldn’t even see one of them…except for creed…but that’s not the point T~T

6. Matt - November 13, 2009

He kept the promise. Eve was in To-Love-Ru as “Yami-chan” or “Golden Darkness”, the assassin. Train is supposed to be in there later, but I’m only on chapter 49.

7. meowiso - August 29, 2010

Hentai & JAV all the way :)

8. Sena - December 3, 2010


9. Greg - January 3, 2015

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