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Bleach Chapter 232 – “The Mascaron Drive 2” June 25, 2006

Posted by Lupus in Manga, Review.

*These entries are based on JoJo’s Chinese scanlation of Bleach. M7’s scanlations sometimes feel a bit dodgy, so even though they’re released equally fast, I’ll rely on the Chinese scanlations.


First off, a nice spread for everyone out there:

I always love these normal clothing pics. Ichigo looks really weird in glasses though. (click on the image to get the full version)

The Summary
Rupee attempts to show off his release, and Toushiro, remembering how strong the Arankaru were after releasing, rushes at him with his Ban Kai in an attempt to stop it. Rupee nonetheless manages to release, and strikes Toushiro a blow with a long tentacle like thing which is easily blocked. Toushiro, as little kids often tend to do, lets a little victory get to his head and gloats about how weak Rupee’s release form is. Unfortunately for him, that is only one eighth of Rupee’s power – smoke clears, and we see that Rupee has not one, but eight tentacles. I guess Arankaru needs some tentacle loving too. Anyway Rupee launches all eight in a simultaneous attack at Toushiro, who proceeds to be utterly destroyed. He falls, his Ban Kai completely shattered, and Rupee turns to the other Shinigami. And with a smirk, he says, “See what I said? Didn’t I tell you to fight 4 on 1? Oh, I’m soooory. It’s 4 on 8, isn’t it.”

Meanwhile, Ichigo messes up Grimmjaw really well. We see him dripping with blood, and he once again asks Ichigo what he’s done, noting that his power doesn’t belong to a Shinigami. Ichigo replies as he did last week, saying he has no time to answer – and he hits Grimmjaw again with another point blank “Gekka Tenshou”. Grimmjaw falls, even more covered with blood than before, but he manages to use a “Hollow Flash” (can someone tell me what English translation teams are calling it?), which buys him enough time for Ichigo’s Vaizard power to run out. His mask breaks, Grimmjaw laughs, and the last thing we see is Ichigo getting hit and falling towards the ground.

Another spread – Black vs white. Rupee isn’t on this, so his role would probably be fairly short-lived. (click on the image to get the full version)

My thoughts
So, even though this chapter isn’t as awesome as the last one – which it couldn’t possibly be since there’s no Urahara – it’s still pretty nice. Rupee delivered some good old fashioned tentacle rape on our poor little shouta, and Ichigo gets what he deserves for being cocky. After last week’s short moment of victory for our hero, who has been losing ever since returning from Soul Society, Ichigo once again gets what he deserves for being a reckless idiot who thinks he can do everything by himself. And Grimmjaw hasn’t even released yet, but we won’t get to see anymore Ichigo bashing because Shinji is bound to come to his aid. If he doesn’t, I’ll eat my shorts, and everything that’s inside them.

I feel like nothing much really happens in each chapter of Bleach. It’s not like the pace is slow or anything, it’s just that Kubo uses really large frames when he’s drawing action scenes, and often 15 pages is over before you know it. This is by no means a huge complaint, because Kubo makes Bleach’s action really exciting, fast paced and entertaining, but I don’t like waiting a whole week to find out more about the story, and then only get such a small nibble each time. It’s like I’m on some drug that I can only get once a week, and each week they give me just enough to stop me from going insane, but not too much so that I would stop craving it. This is a sign of how good Bleach is. Also I think this is the good thing about reading serialisation, since each cliff hanger really leaves you wanting more, where as marathoning an entire series in one go or reading tankouban doesn’t leave much to the imagination, as you can just press on to see what happens.

Read JPMeyer’s discussion on weekly vs marathon vs DVDs for more.



1. Judge-G - September 10, 2007

Hollow Flash in Japanese is Cero Sorry for all that keepup the good work (Y)

2. Judge-G - September 10, 2007

Sorry again but the Original subs [Dattebayo] say that there names are Luppi and Grimmjow.

3. Cascata1 - October 15, 2007

Yeah not be another person to bug yah.. but it’s not Gekka Tenshou… if you translate the characters that last u in tenshoo is made into a double o like tenshoo, and gekka should be getsuga, it’s not a small tsu character. Getsuga means moonfang(Zangetsu being mooncutter), which kinda fits ito it. Altogether a great chapter though. Yeah I doubt Luppi survives at all. I heard through the grapevine that Grimmjow actually becomes Espada 6 again though.

4. soulstelaer150 - December 23, 2007

what is the guy who is the only one facing the way that we see him??? I sortta forgot!!!!!!, can U tell me???!!!

5. Who cares? - January 14, 2008

He din’nt really rape her did he?

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