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Why are marriage rings worn on the ring finger? June 23, 2006

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Saw this on a blog.











Translation (by me):

“Do you know why marriage rings are worn on the ring finger?
1. Take your hands, and bend your middle fingers. Put them together, with their backs touching each other.

2. Now, touch the tips of your other fingers together.

3. For the remainder of this test, make sure only one pair of fingers are apart at any one time.

4. Please take your thumbs apart. The thumbs represent our parents, and can be taken away. Where there’s life there’s death, and our parents will one day leave us.

5. Please put your thumbs back together, and take your fore-fingers apart. They represent our siblings, who will have their own family and life, and they will leave us too.

6. Please put your fore-fingers back together, and take your little fingers apart. They represent our offsprings. When the children grow up, they will also have their own family. They too, will leave us.

7. So now, please put your little fingers back together, and try to take your ring fingers apart.

And you’ll find to your surprise that, no matter what you do, the ring fingers won’t come apart.

The ring finger represents husband and wife, and they are bound together for life.

Real lovers, once joined together, can never be taken apart again, as long as you live.”

If you try hard enough, you can force representation into any you see. Take Evangelion for example. But this, I heartily approve. Spread the love.



1. inadvertentgardener - June 24, 2006

That’s pretty cool…

The Inadvertent Gardener

2. Emi - June 24, 2006

That’s really cute.

3. Sasa - June 30, 2006

Okay, apparently I did something wrong because it didn’t work out on me O.o But apart from that, it’s a lovely idea.

4. Anonymous - June 30, 2006

One time, I was separated from my wife (.jpg). I just couldn’t get through to (access) her at all (corrupt Windows install). Fortunately, I employed other methods (Knoppix), and everything worked out fine. Our relationship is much more stable (Linux) now.

5. Kurogane - June 30, 2006

Oh shi… it is true….

6. AmiraPigglet - June 30, 2006

Yeah..I read this article some time ago. Although…I’m still cynical when it comes to love. Sweet idea though.

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