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Bleach Chapter 231 – “The Mascaron Drive” June 19, 2006

Posted by Lupus in Manga, Review.

*These entries are based on JoJo’s Chinese scanlation of Bleach. M7’s scanlations sometimes feel a bit dodgy, so even though they’re released equally fast, I’ll rely on the Chinese scanlations.


I didn’t think I would be blogging Bleach manga, but the end to this chapter is too much. I can’t hold it back anymore. BLEACH RULES. The current Bleach arc is about 10 times better than the previous Naruto arc. I’m hoping that the new Naruto arc would be good, but right now Bleach is owning Naruto.

This chapter picks up with Toushiro-chan and his merry friends fighting 3 Espadas, while Grimmjaw runs off to fight Ichigo.

Yammy?  WTF?
Yammy with a “Y”. So is he “of yams” or “related to yams”?

The Soul Society receives news of this new threat, and immediate releases the Shinigami’s limitations. Rukia prepares to rush to their aid, but Orihime isn’t allowed to follow. Since she isn’t a Shinigami, she would be sent to some other place instead, so she has to wait while special preparations are made for her, before she’s allowed to leave for the land of the living.

Back to the real world, Ichigo faces off against Grimmjaw. They throw some insults at each other to warm things up, and Ichigo goes straight into Hollow mode to lay down the ownage. Grimmjaw looks positively scared as Vizard Ichigo rushes in and smacks Grimmjaw with a zero-range “Gekka Tenshou “.

Back to the Yamtastic Quatro, the Shinigamis are having trouble against the Espada. Without Ban Kai not even Toushiro can beat Yammy, who’s only no. 10. Rupee, who’s no. 6 of the Espada, boasts that he’ll release his Zanpaktou and take all 4 of the Shinigami on. That’s at least 2 people who we know have Ban Kai, and two more who are vice-captain level.

Then we jump to Urahara’s shop, where Chad and Renji were training. They both try to rush to the Shinigami’s aid, but Urahara stops them, saying that he will go instead.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH I CAN’T KEEP MY FANBOYING DOWN. URAHARA IS GOING TO FIGHT!!! I’ve been looking forward to this moment since I first saw him show his Zanpaktou, and I’m really, really excited. URAHARA! He’s going to fight. And he’s going to go see the Shinigami’s! The next chapter can’t be released soon enough. *dances around like an insane little fanboy*

Urahara is easily the coolest single Bleach character. If you haven’t noticed already, I’m a a HUGE fan of his.

Ichigo isn’t about to be overshadowed by that shady little shop owner though, and he absolutely owns Grimmjaw. But somehow I’m not expecting him to win since 1) He only has 11 seconds in Vizard form and 2) He has not the slightest idea how strong Grimmjaw will be when he does his release. Additionally I’m expecting that he’ll have a lesson to learn, since Shinji decided to let him go even though the other Vizards were trying to restrain him last chapter. So, come next chapter, we might see Ichigo get beaten up by Grimmjaw again and Shinji and his friends will have to come rescue him.

What about the Shinigami’s? Toushiro can’t do anything to Yammy without his Ban Kai, and that narcissitic guy whose name I can never remember is easily getting beaten up by Rupee, who’s going to be releasing next chapter. From the previous Arankaru release we saw that they become exponentially stronger, as even Uru-chan got beaten to a pulp. How strong would an Espada in release form be? Would Narcissist have a Ban Kai like everyone are guessing? Would Urahara get there in time, and how strong would he be?

Man so much to look forward to next chapter! I can’t wait!



1. Brittany Chiu - March 14, 2007

hey, i’m chinese too and i’m a huge bleach fan!!! omg, i love urahara too. he’s so mysterious and cool…

2. Carrie - June 19, 2007

I’m chinese to! ^-^ well anyways, you’re right. Naruto is really sucky right now and the anime (Shipudden) is really bad and their animations SUCKS compared to Bleach. oh, narcissitic guy’s name?: Yumichika. I love him ^-^

3. [Linden] - October 11, 2007

OMG is Urahara fangirl tooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*hem hem* yes, your predictions were incredibly accurate, and I agree with your opinions. =] urahara kisuke=jiraya sensei. But cooler.

4. lammy - April 21, 2008

OMG youre all assholes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (dumbasses

5. The Guy With The Stash - September 7, 2009

Fuck You cici

6. :) - December 19, 2009

Cici is just another smelly fishy Asian whore into incest.

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