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Naruto Chapter 311 – “Nickname” June 17, 2006

Posted by Lupus in Manga, Review.

*These entries are based on JoJo’s Chinese scanlation of Naruto. I love Hige’s review of Naruto, so I’m not going to try to compete with him. Instead I’ll skimp on the summary and pile on the hate. Okay, not hate, since I’m still reading it, but I’ll mainly talk about what I think of each chapter. Check out Hige vs. Otaku for better summaries, pretty pictures and more in depth analysis.


Another transitional chapter, so not much happened. We were promised action last week, but all we got is more Sai, and a little bit of Kakashi. Well, no use crying over spilled milk, and Sai made a funny this chapter, so that redeems it a little.

Two major revelations this chapter: why Sasuke is so overpowered, and Kakashi has developed a method for Naruto to become very strong, maybe even surpassing Kakashi himself.

Naruto and Sakura continue to lament how weak they are compared to Sasuke, but while they are talking with Kakashi, Sakura says that Sasuke’s growth is abnormally fast, adding that maybe Sasuke was using medicine or other forbidden jutsu to hasten his growth. Initially I attributed Sasuke’s power to his genius and the Sharingan, but maybe he isn’t a ‘real winner’ like I thought he is. This prompted me to think, hey, maybe the seal was giving him power without manifesting, but I went back to chapter 307-309 and no where did I see his seal. Is the seal gone, or is his hair still covering it? He hair seems to be shorter than I remembered, but it’s been a long time since I saw the younger version of Sasuke. Anyway I’m glad he’s using illegal substances and not naturally so much stronger than Naruto, otherwise it would make Naruto look pretty bad as the protagonist – if this was a game I would be crying “OMG Sasuke is so overpowered NERF!”

The second important thing is about Naruto getting stronger. Naruto surpassing Kakashi? Sounds great to me, but there’s a catch – “But this method is only suitable for Naruto… or should I say, this method can only be used by Naruto.” Does this mean that it requires the Kyuubi? Naruto has already said he wouldn’t use the Kyuubi’s power anymore, and we all know how stubborn Naruto is. I don’t think Kakashi would require Naruto to use the demon, since he knows how dangerous it is, but then why is this trainig method only usable by Naruto? It would be completely out of character for Naruto to rely on the demon fox at this point anyway, and continuing to rely on the Kyuubi would make the previous developement between Sasuke and the Kyuubi meaningless. Naruto would need to get stronger without using the demon fox, and I’m hoping Kakashi can provide the answer.

Next week on Naruto: What is Kakashi’s training, and what disaster is about to befall Konoha? Next chapter: “Training”!!



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