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Naruto Chapter 310 – “Title” June 10, 2006

Posted by Lupus in Manga, Review.

*These entries are based on JoJo’s (www.jojohot.com) Chinese scanlation of Naruto. I love Hige’s review of Naruto, so I’m not going to try to compete with him. Instead I’ll skimp on the summary and pile on the hate. Okay, not hate, since I’m still reading it, but I’ll mainly talk about what I think of each chapter. Check out Hige vs. Otaku (http://hvo.typepad.com/hvo/) for better summaries and more in depth analysis.


This chapter is pathetically weak compared to Sasuke’s re-appearance. But what can you expect? Being the final chapter of an arc, we see Kishimoto-sensei finalising the acceptance of Sai into the plotline, and his role in replacing Sasuke as a member of team Kakashi. But that’s for later.

After Sasuke et al. ran off, Naruto and Sakura have a cry about how weak they are. They resolve to become stronger, so they can stand up to Sasuke and Orochimaru, and Sai volunteers to help.

I’m crying too. Crying at how slow the story is progressing, and crying at how Kishimoto-sensei can waste a whole page on this little image.

Returning to Konoha, we see “the real Danzou”. He’s actually Itachi in disguise, infiltrating Konoha and secretly plotting a way to capture Naruto! I think that would have been much cooler (and dumber) than what we’re given, but at least we find out why Danzou trained Sai to become emotionless – to avoid conflict, since emotions breed anger and hatred, and those leads to war. A farfetched excuse, but I’ll accept it since I don’t really expect much from Sai anymore.

The rest of the chapter, which is 7 pages, is the conclusion of Sai’s change as a result of Naruto’s influence. More flashbacks, and for the first time he names a drawing, one of himself and team Kakashi (ironically sans Kakashi), titling it “Companions”.

Okay Kishimoto-sensei, I get how Naruto changes everyone around him, but I absolutely HATE Sai and wants him to just GTFO. Really, 7 pages for that? 3 pages just to remind us that Sai doesn’t name his paintings? I enjoy a deep and meaningful story as much as anyone else, but this is Shounen Jump. What I want from Shouene Jump is mindless action:character developement in a ratio of 8:2, not the other way round.

But there is good news! In the next week section we get “A great storm once again engulfs Konoha… they’re here again! Next week, ‘Beacon of War’!!” This means ACTION! YES FINALLY WHAT I PAID FOR. Or didn’t pay for, but that’s not the point. Hopefully we’ll get to see at least one new Akatsuki member, and some REAL action, not this pussy run away crap.



1. naruto cursor - March 2, 2010

This is dragging. What has happened to the usual pace? Is this a kind of break for the writers?

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