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Hopefully I can get things in order and really take off May 11, 2006

Posted by Lupus in Site News.

This weekend I’ll be going home, to unlimited and fast Internet connection. Once free from the chains and shackles of my university’s insanely cheap Internet usage restrictions, I’ll try to do some upgrade to my blog – like actually put links in the side bar, and installing some widgets.

I’ll also reply to the comments that I’ve received so far, and write up one or two articles I have on my mind, if DOTA doesn’t grab me like a tentacle monster grab women. There’s a poll that I would really like to make.

Look forward to it.



1. Ascalon - May 12, 2006

I have to say, i REALLY like the design of this site.
Its natural and minimalist. The grass at the top is lovely and gives a sense of warmth to the white colour that makes up most of the page.

I think that any links you have on this website should be simple bozes with text that matches the rest of the design…..no images.

Multimedia is my bread and water and its been a long time since ive found a site i really like….and even longer since i wound one so simple and pure in essence as yours.

Ill cya on the MR forums.

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