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Pedophilia by any other name May 7, 2006

Posted by Lupus in Anime, Ramblings.

I haven't exactly given this a lot of thoughts, but isn't "lolicon" simply another word for pedophilia?  I would love to hear what people who think "Loli's are hot" have to say about this…



1. lolikitsune - May 7, 2006

Well. It’s not exactly synonymous, though it can be taken as a synonym in a lot of cases. For one thing, pedophilia relates to those much younger/children in general, wheras lolicon relates to young girls. If you want to talk about the other half of pedophilia, it’s shotacon. I’ve also heard the term “loli-shota” thrown around once or twice.

2. jpmeyer - May 8, 2006

I THINK the difference is that pedophilia refers to an psychological attraction while lolicon is an aesthetic, but yeah there’s so much overlap there.

3. sean - May 11, 2006

isn’t “lolicon” simply another word for pedophilia?

loli = no real ppl involved. purely semiotic.
pedo = real ppl involved or images in the place of real ppl (which is the cause of the overlap), but those images only have meaning when understood as representations of real ppl.

loli is, as jp says, aesthetic: it’s part of the same aesthetic spectrum as kawaii and moe; pedo is about power: it’s only about aesthetics in as much as the aesthetic can be understood as representations of some reality.

and no-one could honestly claim that shana-tan (for eg) represents, in any way, shape or form, some semblance of reality.

4. Lupus - May 13, 2006

and no-one could honestly claim that shana-tan (for eg) represents, in any way, shape or form, some semblance of reality.

Of course Shana isn’t realistic. But she is a representation of a human being, a very young-looking one at that. Maybe I mis-understand the word, but when I see someone say “Shana is a hawt loli” I think it means “I would totally have sex with Shana”. And that’s just wrong, considering she looks like she’s 13.

I’m guessing from what you guys are saying, loli/shota-con is the fetish with young-looking people, regardless of how old they really are, while pedophilia is fetish for people who are actually young. Either way it’s disturbing to me.

P.S. As I understand it moe is just a term for things that are sexually attractive, be they “meido”, “loli/shotacon”, “nekomimi” or even “guro”. (e.g. “Shana-chan’s bandage look is so moe!”)

5. Useless Commentator - May 13, 2006

I think it should be noted that there is a difference between pedophilia and ephebophilia. It’s a difference that’s mostly ignored now a days, but still, there is a difference.

Whereas pedophlia is attraction towards prepubescent children, ephebophilia is an attraction towards postpubescent teenagers. It can be said that most males are attracted to both teenage and adult age females. I think this isn’t strange at all, as our teenage years is when we first began to lust after the opposite sex, and for a lot of males those desires have never been fulfilled. (I certainly wasn’t getting layed when I was 14.)

In the otaku lexicon there is one word, “lolicon.” So anyone attracted to an anime girl with thin hips, and a flat-small chest is considered a lolicon. Which is unfortunate because many real-life teenage girls have a petite frame. Consider also that most Japanese girls are smaller in size than their Western peers.

On another point, I agree that loli characters are part of the moe aesthetic but it all depends on the view of moe you subscribe to. For example, Akamatsu does not define moe as primarily sexual. But I will agree with Lupus on the point he is making, saying that you are attracted to loli characters in anime but not in real life, claiming that anime has no connection with reality means you are completely rejecting all reality-based references when you are watching anime. Which is a strange way to interpret any form of story-telling. It’s like those death metal dudes who write lyrics glorifying death, gore, violence, etc. but then claim they are against violence, and are all about peace and justice.

6. Carmen - July 25, 2006

Then there ought to exist no duplicitous standard and doublethink when grown women have an attraction towards young, good-looking, buff teenage males. Because women first experienced their attraction for the opposite sex as teens, as well. I’m a 23 year old female, yet I still find teenage boys sexually appealing. I have numerous girlfriends who are of my same age-bracket and feel the EXACT same way towards young teen guys. I believe it’s a totally normal and common feeling among most women. It’s just considered more taboo for us to discuss it than it is for males to do so.

7. Lupus - July 25, 2006

Well I get called a pedophile when I tell my friends that high school girls are hot, and I’m only 20 years old (my friends are mostly in the same age group). I think the barrier of social classes (i.e. Uni students vs High school studnets or working class vs students) contributes a large part to this taboo of sexual attraction towards people in their (late) teens.

I do not fully comprehend this taboo with people who are 13-14 years old though. I mean, I know that it’s wrong, but why is it wrong? It’s very possible to become pregnant at the age of 13 (puberty has hit), and in fact people in the medieval times married and had children at that age. The taboo that modern society placed on the early teens might have to do with their relative immaturity to stop older, more sly people from taking advantage of them, but from a biological stand-point they are fully prepared for sex.

Younger than 13… no, if they’re not physically mature enough for sex, then they shouldn’t be involved in it period.

8. Someguy - September 9, 2006

I say whatever floats your boat. People can be attracted to anything or anyone they want as long as they don’t hurt other people, thats abuse. who cares if guys or girls like to look at drawings

9. Lupus - September 9, 2006

I guess the harm principle is one way to look at things… but then what about incest? If two siblings resolve to not have children, and therefore cannot bring harm to anyone, why should they not be allowed to have sex?

The harm principle can only do so much.

10. Ragade - September 30, 2007

To bad this topic died. Anyhpw, its tricky when talking about the subject. So long as people aren’t hurt, than, yes, there is a difference.

11. Fred - December 15, 2007

I think there is a reason why young women and old girls (high school girls) are more attractive to men (the men who are honest anyways, unless I am different from the average man, and I wouldn’t know since I’m just one man.)

Men can make healthy babies until they are no longer able to manufacture sperm. Women can’t make babies when they reach a certain age in mid-life. Additionally, and I only found this out by my wife getting pregnant in her late 30’s, the medical services only test a pregnant woman’s amniotic fluid when she is pregnant if she is past a certain age. I think somewhere around 30 but I’m not sure of the exact threshold. But I looked at a chart we were shown and 18 year old women have virtually a zero chance of giving birth to a baby with birth defects. Then the curve goes up and really goes up once the woman hits 40. It is a bell curve. This implies high school age girls have an even less chance of giving birth to a baby with birth defects.

I believe women keep this a secret as they already have “younger women” issues and they spend a lot of money on cosmetics to help them look younger.

In short, I believe it is a normal biological reality that young women are more sexually attractive because they are less likely to give birth to a baby with birth defects, and that this is a survival mechanism just as is the sex drive itself.

12. poulain - December 31, 2011

le lolicon =oui
pedo = non

pas sa au enfant ( encore les image mes les actes non)

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